Repairs and Servicing

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Do you have tools that need repairs or servicing?
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All repairs are guaranteed for 3 months.

More Information

Routine Servicing - Nothing lasts for ever, and an air tool has a number of wear parts. A routine service would include:

  • Replacing the air motor vanes and bearings.
  • Inspection of all major components, and replacing where necessary.
  • Clean and re-lubricate all clutches, gearboxes and angle heads.
  • Clean and replace all inlet filters and strainers.
  • Finally finish with a test to ensure the tool works within specification.

We always give feedback to our customers if we consider there is a fault due to incorrect installation or poor air quality.

We are always happy to return worn or damaged parts to our customer or email a digital photograph of the faulty part, if required.

Contact us now for free estimates, reliable fast service and competetive pricing.

We also now have a fully qualified PAT Tester available to carry out your regular in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment. Contact us today for more information on this service.